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Motex is a Virtual Reality Driving School Simulator which ought to be an addition to existing driving school teaching procedures. Using a virtual reality driving simulator the user is placed inside a virtual city and can drive a virtual car. Inside this simulation, they can look and drive around freely just as they would in a real car – and learn from their mistakes. They are set on a mission or a story, like driving a friend to the trainstation for the last train. On the way, they have to adhere to traffic rules and similar to the real world, many things can happen during driving: A firetruck may pass by, ignoring traffic lights; a kid could run across the street or a driver may brake unexpectedly while trying to find a parking space. During this moments, the student has to react fast and correct. But even if they fail, they will learn from the situation and gain experiences for the real world.

By training multiple times, they will be better at assessing critical situations and learn how to identify dangerous situations and thus raise their awareness. Besides these use case, we can also let students experience and create awareness for illegal actions during driving. Overtaking, driving under influence, momentary nodding off, driving too fast – we can simulate many circumstances and show driving students how dangerous this behaviours can be. Students can also train their theoretical knowledge, by pointing at cars that behave wrong or indicating which driver would have priority at an intersection.

Car as a simulator

Additionally we now offer „Car as a Simulator“, a sensor kit that converts any vehicle, in a VR driving simulator.

Using this kit, users can sit in a real car, and have a realistic driving experience. Beside steering, throttle, brake and clutch, they can also use the gearshifter, turn indicators and windscreen wipers. 

The kit can be removed in a few minutes and keeps the car road legal. This means the car can be parked at any private parking space and saves important office space. It can also be used at public events, without comlicated logistical problems. Simply drive it there.

Where we started

Motex started as a student Project in 2015 at the FH St. Pölten. It was used to accomplish 6 scientific usertests with a total of 220 subjects, and one scientific paper. Additionally, over 1000 people tried out the simulator on the course of 18 Events, and several thousand came by to find out more.

This data was used to build on of the best VR driving simulations that addresses 4 out of 5 human senses (we excluded taste for obvious reasons). 

One of our main concerns is vr simulator sickness, which is similar to motion sickness on a ship. Using our data we evaluated several ways to make VR-Experiences as comfortable as possible, and are currently working on patenting our technologies. These will help other VR Experiences to appeal to more people and will bring VR to the mass market.


Motex is build with our inhouse technology called UVTF (Universal Vehicle Training Framework). This allows us to create any kind of VR driving situation.